Yes, we do. But we usually do this kind of work in partnership with a local company.

Yes, our company has implemented ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards.

Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, we do and it is one of our favorite options for installations in remote locations.
Yes, we can provide you with design of various systems of plants, ranging from small dosing stations up to complete water treatment factories. However, there is a number of issues that need to be addressed prior to implementation. Especially compliance with local codes. Please contact us for more details.
This is not a standard option, but on your request we can send you a source code (usually ladder diagram).
In our strong opinion and extensive experience, packing of all electronic components in one cabinet (or more, depending on size of the project) is the best option. Other options include mounting of endless number of plastic housings on walls, thus complicating cabling and increasing installation time and costs, while decreasing the quality of installation. We usually leave at least 30% of free space in our cabinets so anyone can easily add or modify system according to ever changing demands.
PLC of our choice for most applications is FATEK (Taiwan). This PLC has an excellent price/performance ratio without sacrificing the reliability. However, as leaders in this industry we have a number of solutions developed for Siemens and Omron PLCs. If you need any special kind of PLC or other components installed in your system, please ask we will be glad to fulfill your requests if possible.
Our service network covers most of the countries of former Yugoslavia, with certain limitations to some countries. Service is based in Serbia and BiH. In order to provide our customers with high quality service, we usually do services in a partnership with a local company because that is the best way to make sure that every aspect of service quality is fulfilled.
We usually deliver products from stock. Of course, we can not have everything on stock so some products need to be ordered, thus increasing the delivery time. For more information feel free to contact us.